The Purpose of a Pop-In

To model empathy

To nurture


To enrich learning

To respect


To spark



To exist in

the moment

To foster


To motivate positivity

To communicate effectively

Ferril’s Pop-Ins

is committed to creating a community of thinkers and makers who pursue their passions by following the spark of curiosity with respect, intention, and heart.

To try something new

To live responsibly



To exercise the


To be challenged

Ferril's Pop-Ins
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Ferril's Heroes


Ms. Frizzle

The imaginative and immersive world created by Ms. Frizzle inspires me to find ways to make learning exciting and engaging.  She connects fantasy and science in a truly inventive and magical way. And most importantly, she is never afraid to be herself, no matter how many sideways glances she gets from her pupils.


Mister Rogers

Adults have just as much to learn from Mister Rogers as do children. He was progressive and radical with the issues he addressed and topics he explored. I strive to always speak to children with his kindness and candor, and listen with his focus and concern.

Mary Poppins

When I think of Mary Poppins, I think of self discipline, preparedness, and pure unbridled imagination. Though she sang of a "Spoonful of Sugar," she rarely sugarcoated her expectations. She taught children to honor responsibility, find the fun, and then revel in imaginative play. 


 Raffi's music helped shape my childhood, and without a doubt has impacted my career as an educator.  His simple songs carry powerful messages of peace, responsibility, and cultural acceptance that are now more important than ever. His music is a tool for teaching that I bring with me to every lesson.

Mrs. Piggle Wiggle

When I was 13 I played The Magical Mrs. Piggle Wiggle at San Diego Jr. Theatre on the Casa Del Prado stage, and it turned out to be epic, real life foreshadowing. Her ability to turn adversity into opportunity transformed the children and families in her neighborhood, all using the power of imagination.