Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pop-In?

A Pop-In is an educational integrated arts experience, that comes to you.

What ages are served?

Ferril can Pop-In to teach anyone who wants to learn something new- from ages 1 to 102.

How many kids per Pop-In?

Pop-Ins are for 1-3 kids. I also offer PlayDate Pop-Ins for up to 6 kids and Birthday Party Pop-Ins for up to 12 kids. View the Pop-In Menu for more details.

What is the cancellation policy?

Pop-Ins may be cancelled up to 24 hours beofre the scheduled Pop-In without charge. Pop-Ins cancelled within 24 hours of scheduled Pop-In are subject to a $30 cancellation fee.

Does a parent need to be present?

Ferril Pops-In so you can Pop-Out*! However, Pop-Ins also make great opportunities for families to learn new skills together. Parents are always welcome to join in on the lesson. *A Birthday Pop-In is the only Pop-In type that requires a parent/guardian present.

Is there a materials fee?

Cost of materials and supplies are included in the listed price.

What areas of San Diego are served?

Ferril will Pop-In anywhere in San Diego, with a mileage fee of $.58/mi for locations 25 miles outside of 92107.

Can I customize my Pop-In?

Absolutely! Ferril can Pop-In to help with school projects, tutoring, themed get togethers, you name it! Send your request through the form on the Contact page, and Ferril will respond within 24 hours.

Is there a Pop-In for adults?

Of COURSE there is! Ferril is here to teach anyone who wants to learn. Ferril can customize a Pop-In for any event: Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Holiday Parties. Submit your request through the form on the Contact page and Ferril will respond within 24 hours.

Can I schedule a recurring Pop-In?

Recurring Pop-Ins are subject to availability. Please submit an inquiry through the form on the Contact page.

When is payment due?

Payment is due at time of service. Ferril's Pop-Ins accepts cash, check, Venmo, Apple Pay, and PayPal

How do I schedule a Pop-In?

Visit the Pop-In Menu to select and schedule your Pop-In, or email Ferril at

How do I contact Ferril's Pop-Ins?

Contact Ferril's Pop-Ins through the form on the Contact page. Ferril will respond to your inquiry within 12 hours.

What is included in the price?

The listed price includes the cost of materials for 1-3 kids, a 2 hour lesson, and supervision.

Is the listed price the cost per child?

Nope! The listed price is for up to 3 kids.

Is there a price for a Pop-In for just one child?

Nope! The listed prices reflect materials, teaching, and supervision for 1-3 kids. A Pop-In for one means that lucky student gets all of my attention for two hours! That's a deal, if you ask me.

Can you pick up my student from school for a Pop-In?

Sure can! Send me a message through the Contact page and I will get in touch to iron out the details.

Can I book back-to-back Pop-Ins so I can Pop-Out for more than two hours?

Sure can! Send me a message through the Contact page for special Multi-Pop-In rates.

What are your certifications?

Pediatric First Aid/CPR

Food Handlers Card

Driver's License

Background Check

What is your experience?

I was part of the original staff, and Head Teacher, of the Peninsula Family YMCA Preschool for 8 years. Before that, I was a family nanny for three years. Before that, I was a summer camp coulnselor at Camp Stevens in Julian, CA. Want more details? Send me your question through the form on the Contact page and I will be happy to tell you more!

Does my child need to be potty trained?

Great question! Each Pop-In type has an age minimum. For Pop-Ins available to kids under three, I am absolutely able and willing to change diapers as needed during the Pop-In.

What are your discpline practices?

I exclusively practice Conscious Redirection and Positive Discpline. When children "act out," it is a clear signal to me that they are experiencing emotions and reactions to their environment that they have not yet learned to understand and process in a positive way. I approach those moments with a listening ear and open heart to help them develop the skills they need to self regulate and communicate what they need moving forward.

What are your other educational practices?

I have been trained and worked with many different approaches to child development and early childhood education. These are my favorites: Reggio Emilia Approach, Creative Curriculum, ECERS, Crucial Conversations

Want to know more about any of these methods and approaches? Send me your question through the form on the Contact page.

Are you open for business during the covid-19 pandemic?

The short answer is, yes! Childcare is considered an essential service according to California Covid-19 Guidelines. I will be capping the total number of children I work with to 10, and I currently have space available on the roster. Additional safety precautions are in place in accordance with state guidelines.

What about Virtual Pop-Ins?

I love virtual Pop-Ins! Book a Virtual Pop-In at least a week ahead of time so that Ferril can send you your custom-tailored Pop-In supplies and materials in the mail. Ferril will Pop-In over Zoom at the prearranged time for a virtually in person Pop-In experience that will keep you and/or your little ones entertained for up to two hours.


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