Ferril's Impact

"I met Ferril when she was our son’s preschool teacher. She was fabulous with him and all the other children. Our son felt so comfortable in her classroom. 

He was so loved and respected. He really came out of his shell the year he was in Ferril’s class.

Then I hired Ferril to work in my newly opened bookstore. Her creativity, her sense of design and space and her magical understanding of children (she is a big kid herself!) make her an integral part of our bookstore mission."

— Marianne Reiner, 

Owner of Run For Cover Bookstore

“Ferril is one of those people who just has a magical way with kids. The kind where kids immediately feel comfortable and safe with her and just want to be with her. She has a highly developed skill for creating social/emotional and academic based experiences for kids that not only honors exactly who they are right now, but allows them to explore and experiment with new things to guide their potential to become the best version of themselves. Ferril has left a lasting impression on my daughters. They both had her as a teacher from 3-5 years old (my oldest is now 9) and she remains a household name in our home. She taught my girls to be confident, silly, to take chances and to be themselves.”

-Stephanie Noonan

"We have known Ferril for 3 years. We first met her at our daughter’s preschool where she was always warm and welcoming during drop off/pickup and was attentive to our questions about the day’s activities. During drop-offs or pickups, she invariably would be reading with or singing to a few kiddos on her lap, or comforting them if they were having a hard day. There is no doubt that Ferril loves kids. She also is an excellent communicator and was in charge of updating the parents about the school’s activities and events. She sent weekly newsletters to the parents that were upbeat, creative, and detailed. 


Ferril puts an enormous amount of effort into creative activities with the kids. At the preschool, Ferril led an annual art show/fundraiser and her classroom’s art projects were not only artistically interesting, but also involved training in specific techniques.


Ferril’s other passion, acting, is something the kids pick up on quickly. Her singing ability is impressive and the kids are constantly humming new tunes they hear her sing. We were able to see Ferril perform in Seussical the Musical several years ago, where she played the Sour Kangaroo. The theater was FULL of preschool students watching in awe as their teacher mesmerized the audience. Because of her performance, we STILL listen to the soundtrack of Seussical the Musical on a regular basis. Ferril inspires! 


Since preschool we have employed Ferril several times to pick our daughter up from kindergarten, drive her home, cook dinner/clean up, bath her and take her to bed. When we arrive home after work at 10pm she always give a full description of her time with my daughter. She never is in a rush to leave and she sends us photos when we are at work to let us know how much fun they were having painting their faces, going to paint ceramics, or just playing at home and being creative. We feel lucky to have someone we wholeheartedly trust to help take care of our daughter when we need the help."

--Matt & Eden

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